Let’s Talk About Sun Protection

This morning I had the pleasure of being trained on the La Roche-Posay sun range by State Trainer, Renee Hockey. I’m sure you’ve already heard about their famous thermal water but this brand has so much more to offer. Let’s all make better decisions this summer!

Is there a difference between a sun protection factor of 50+ and 30+ or is it just marketing? Most sunscreens protect against UVA (responsible for signs of ageing beneath the skin) and UVB rays (which causes that lovely shade of lobster when you stick your body under the sun for too long). Renee said that two thirds of the SPF number fights UVB rays while only one third fights UVA rays. The higher the SPF, the more it works to protect against UVA rays. So If I want to keep my skin in tip-top condition when I’m outdoors, SPF 50+ is the way to go. 30+ is not enough for the Aussie summer.


Anthelios XL 50+ comes in a fluid for protecting your pretty mug, a new comfort cream (tinted and not tinted), a spray and an oil if you want next level hydration and sun protection. I’ve been using the fluid since last year what sets it apart from the other pharmacy sunscreen brands is that it feels barely there. It’s the perfect sunscreen to use all year round even when it’s overcast as your skin can still be damaged by UVA rays.


The comfort cream is marketed as a tinted BB cream and I was told that it will be stocked at Priceline next month. You can substitute it for your moisturiser as it has a thicker consistency. It’s a godsend for us girls who can’t be bothered to apply moisturiser and sunscreen when we duck outside for a bit. Did I mention that it also smells like jasmine but isn’t cloying at all? So excited for this to drop.


Now the spray is essentially the same as the fluid but comes in a different form. Would you use this for your face? You could, but it doesn’t have as many skincare benefits as the fluid. Stick to this for your body! If you’re on a tight budget, go for the fluid for your face and this for everywhere else.

ANTHELIOS XL_Spray Huile SPF50+-200ml 240x420px 150kb.jpg

The Anthelios XL 50+ Nutritive Oil was something I’d always been curious about. Sheeny goodness with sun protection – how is that possible? Well apparently it is. Renee said she uses it instead of a body moisturiser because it’s so nourishing. And after testing it out, I can confirm that. If you don’t like the feeling of creams on your body, try rubbing a bit of this oil on your limbs instead for a natural, healthy glow.

Have you tried any La Roche-Posay suncare products?



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