Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

British Vogue has begun an interesting series called “What on Earth is Wellness?” featuring model Camille Rowe. As a psychology student, the video on Psychology and Mindfulness caught my eye. This short 13 minute video was equal parts educational and entertaining. Camille’s enthusiasm and curiosity made it all the more interesting to watch, and hopefully you will take something from it too. I know “wellness” can conjure up images of different ways of achieving optimal health, but isn’t this quest all about becoming the best you can be, regardless of how you decide to make it happen? We can be sceptical about meditation and acupuncture and reiki, but none of these methods are the antidote to our problems on their own. It takes a positive attitude on our behalf to make anything work for us. It’s nothing new, but good things usually happen when we change the way we think. And the video you’re about to see hammers that home.

As I was watching it, Dr. Robert Bilder said the following about crystals and the placebo effect: “If we could get things done and have people feel better, well that’s fantastic, there are no side effects! So it would be great if we could channel that belief that we’re gonna do better, then we can make a lot of strides in psychology.” We could potentially use anything to make use feel better, so it’s all in our heads. As William Wordsworth said, “Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.” A bit cheesy but true.

What do you think about the healing power of crystals after watching this video? Weird? Wonderful?


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