Monday morning on the bus

“With awareness, each action and thought becomes both deliberate and natural. Sort of like watching a great film, the Zen mind navigates its world through a constant embrace of the current frame.”

This quote from Daily Zen: Vol. 1 reminds me of something I did this morning on the bus. Instead of the usual stare-outside-and-try-not-to-think-about-life thing that I do, I just watched the cars as they zipped by the side of the bus. There was one middle-aged man driving a black vehicle who caught my eye. I remember why. He was gesturing wildly and I quickly realised he was most likely talking to someone on a hands-free device. For some reason, I was amused. I continued watching him a little longer in a completely non-voyeuristic way. This isn’t something that I normally do; nothing significant takes place when you’re commuting to uni. But something about that scene made me smile. I thought it would be nice to drive into the city for work one day and spend the whole time talking to someone I hadn’t seen in a while. That would be a really great morning.



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