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Birthday celebrations at Cho Cho San

On Saturday evening, two of my dearest friends celebrated my upcoming birthday with me at Cho Cho San. It was lovely to see them again after being a hermit for weeks! That Cho Cho San experience was one that we will never forget. The atmosphere of this restaurant is similar to that of Saké in the Rocks, although here it was dimmer, and perhaps more suitable for special date nights and intimate get-togethers with your nearest and dearest. What made our night fantastic? Well the atmosphere, service and food were all top notch. We also liked their choice of groovy background music (which admittedly got a bit loud at one point), as it made for a very fun meal. Here are some snapshots.

Rebecca had the Fukushima Fizz (citrusy fun), Fenella had the Yuzu Caramel Old Fashioned and I went for the Kimono (garnished with cucumber).
We were keen for some raw seafood so the sashimi plate it was! It consisted of kingfish, salmon, tuna, scallops, and oysters with some radish, ginger and seaweed. Everything on that plate was incredibly fresh and a real delight to eat.
These lamb cutlets with koji glaze were so tender and we all finished them in minutes.
This pork shoulder curry with an intricate pumpkin feature on the side was one of the specials of the night. It was absolutely delicious and satisfied us on such a cold night.
We couldn’t go without trying the black sesame icecream mochi which was insanely good. Every mouthful was heavenly! I still can’t get that texture out of my head… mochi lovers will go nuts for this. And that soft serve should not be underestimated. It wasn’t your normal vanilla dessert from Macca’s. It had a salted caramel topping! The soft serve of my dreams. Who would’ve known that something that simple could taste so good? PSA: Don’t leave Cho Cho San without trying either one of these desserts.
Selfies with the sweet birthday cake
Love these beautiful ladies!

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