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The Activewear Wishlist

At the start of the year, I decided that I needed to switch up my exercise routine. Vinyasa yoga had been my thing since mid-2015 but I was itching to go back to the more intense cardio that I started the year with.

Instead of jogging, I’m now power walking for longer distances then heading off to a park to do some yoga.

My essentials for pounding the pavement:

  • Supportive, snug bras to hold everything in.
  • Shorts or tights that allow a range of motion.
  • Good running or walking shoes.
  • Water.
  • SPF 30+ and/or a cap.
  • An audiobook or favourite playlist.
  • A fitness tracking app such as Map My Walk.

And since getting back into aerobic workouts, I’ve realised that my wardrobe is seriously lacking in exercise gear that’s suitable for warm weather.

These are the pieces that have caught my attention:

Happy exercising!






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