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La Rosa, The Strand

Note to self: The best restaurants are always booked out in advance. That was the reality when my friend and I stepped into a Greek restaurant we had planned to visit on Friday night, but were informed that it was fully booked out.

For both sittings.

It was a bit of a shame, but being in the city has its perks. We decided to grab Italian at La Rosa, a cozy place that delivered the last time I’d been there. Nothing’s changed since then.

As we were in a celebratory mood, our favourite cocktails were the drink of choice.

I had a mojito.
H had a margarita.

Onto the food, we started with Misto di Olive and did not expect a simple tasting plate to be so intensely satisfying!

Those plump, glossy olives were delicious but the garlicky olive tapenade was on a whole other level.

For our mains, we had a pizza and pasta.

Canederli di Spinaci: gruyere cheese and spinach dumplings with sage leaves. That was rich and tasty.
Luckily, we went with the entrée size because that was more than enough for both of us.
The margherita pizza could have been a bit better with the addition of tomato slices and more flavour. Some nice things were that it had a thin crust and no soggy parts as it was straight out of the oven!

Talk about a silver lining… that was such a lovely meal and in the words of H.B. “I’m stuffed well and happy”.

What are your go-to Italian places?

La Rosa The Strand Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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