Almost Effortless Shallot Pancakes

Shallot pancakes are the easiest snack to make in the afternoon, and all you need are five ingredients (flour, water, oil, salt, shallots) which should mostly be in your pantry. They are not the same as the pancakes you usually have; these are crispy, savory, and often too oily when you have them at restaurants. I decided to make the most of a bunch of shallots lying in the fridge and was quite pleased with the results! This is my take on this recipe and it makes 8 pancakes.

To make the dough, I mixed 2 cups of plain flour with 3/4 cup of hot water. For a nice saltiness, I melted about a teaspoon of salt in 1/4 cup of hot water, then added that to the dough and worked it in. I left it covered for 20 minutes. In that time, I finely chopped some shallots.


After chopping, I floured up a chopping board and rolled out the dough. Then I separated it into four balls and attempted to roll each one into a circle.


I lightly coated the top of the dough with canola oil (for adhesion) and sprinkled some of the shallots over it.


Then, instead of coiling the dough as the recipe suggested, I simply rolled it up from one end, then again from the short side. I got a neat snail like this.



I chopped each one in half…


… Made it into a ball, and rolled it out.


To cook the pancakes, I made sure the pan was hot before drizzling it with some canola oil. We usually cook using olive oil, but canola oil tastes neutral and has a high smoke point, so you get all the flavour of the pancakes as well as some crispiness. I cooked each piece until it browned, then flipped it over. Then these eight moreish snacks were devoured before a decent photo could be taken!


The family’s verdict: “Evenly salted, not too oily, could eat more”. I’ll have to make a bigger batch next time!



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