Generation F

Cheesecake at Parisi, QVB.

I came across this article a couple of days ago and it made me think about why this generation is obsessed with food. People calling themselves food pornographers or food lovers defines some Millenials very well.

From what I’ve heard, my parents’ and grandparents’ generation weren’t fussed about what and where to eat because they grew up eating whatever was cooked at home. Nobody cared for going out to restaurants every weekend and they sure as hell didn’t write lengthy posts about how great the food was.

I wouldn’t say us Millennials are as obsessed with cooking as we are with brunching and dining at a new place, because we seem to be living fast-paced lives. Why take the time to make a meal, when you can head out for sushi and pasta? But when we do cook, it can be a good dose of distraction from the world. It forces us to take a break and do something that nourishes ourselves.

The food obsession also stems from us having knowledge at our fingertips. It is easy to hop onto Instagram, see pretty pictures of dishes and find out where to eat them. Sites offer plenty of reviews so we can plan our next dinner out. Recipes are readily available. We’re bombarded with visual stimuli that make us crave food before we even finish our current meal.

Passion for good food is how Millennials connect with each other. The exponential growth of food blogs in the last decade is a testament to this. We have communities of people who take photographs of their food and review restaurants for others to benefit from. Friendships have been known to form over a mutual interest in going out to nice bars, cafés, and restaurants. Bloggers and writers do what they do because they genuinely love cooking, going out to eat, and taking beautiful photos, but they can also have altruistic intentions that some would dismiss as plain showing off. At the end of the day, helping somebody out by giving them recipes and recommending places to try isn’t a bad feeling at all.

Regardless of where you stand on the foodie spectrum, a varied diet sets us up for life. Talking about our meals promotes a positive attitude to food. Never stop being obsessed.


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