July Favourites

Best Breakfast


The mediterranean pot at Millone’s came with a variety of sides for a healthy start to the day. The oregano za’atar baked eggs were runny enough to dip lebanese bread in, and the vegetables tasted even better generously covered in yoghurt! This breakfast board is something you could whip up at home for an alfresco brunch on the weekend.

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Best Lunch


As I was waiting in line to order lunch at Courtyard, I had their incredible smoked salmon sandwich in mind but a lady had just brought out a new tray of this gnocchi. I made the snap decision to get this instead, and boy did it blow my mind! Gnocchi can sometimes be unpleasantly sticky and overcooked, but this was just right and full of flavour. Like many other students, I hope this stays around.

Best Dinner

Raspberries are not only a naturally juicy addition to cocktail jugs; they can improve cognitive functioning and fight the signs of ageing.


A wonderful catch up at none other than Mad Pizza (Potts Point) over cocktails and cheesy dishes. Please excuse the grainy photos – we would have been dining in pitch darkness if it weren’t for the flicker of tealights on our table. H and I started off with the Tony Tomato salad featuring sliced roma tomatoes with wild rocket leaves, black kalamata olives, basil & torn buffalo mozzarella. Then the divine Quattro pizza came to our table and every mouthful tasted like Heaven. It’s the cheese pizza of your dreams! We finished dinner with red wine and Abruzzo olives. Was there any dessert on the menu that could beat crispy haloumi and big, plump olives? I didn’t think so.

Other favourites:





Smart at Heart by Dr. Malissa Wood is a great read for women who want to know how make smarter decisions for their heart health. Not preachy, but full of inspiration from real people.

Smart at HeartSmart at Heart


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