Into the Tea Cabinet

Some people drink tea for the health benefits, others purely out of habit. These creatures of habit don’t feel right until they’ve had a cuppa and walk a fine line between enthusiast and complete addict.

Orwell backs me up on this when I say that there is nothing more satisfying than a black tea in the morning, not even a coffee. It gently wakes you up and prepares you for the day ahead. But there is a time for green tea, and Oolong. Although “a nice cup of tea” doesn’t quite come to mind, they are a huge part of East Asian culture. Want to try something fancy? White tea has fuzzy buds that leave shimmery hairs in your teacup! It’s relatively new to tea-drinking circles and seems to be reserved for connoisseurs who can justify the splurge. Finally, herbal tea is where all the fun happens and dried flowers, herbs, or fruit are blended together for a unique taste.

Here are my top teas at the moment:


11745494_1480634642230951_4269301102223808076_n (1)
I found this in ParknShop and haven’t stopped drinking it since.

T2 Chai

T2 French Earl Grey

Waitrose Earl Grey



Find these at Asian grocery stores. 

T2 Japanese Sencha

City Aroma Jasmine Green Tea

Yamamotoyama Green Tea



Another one purchased in Hong Kong. Similar ones are available at good tea stores.

King’s Horse Ti Kuan Yin


An affordable white tea you can find at Bondi Wholefoods.
Some would consider drinking this a spiritual experience.

English Tea Shop White Tea

T2 White Jasmine



Both can be found at the supermarket.

Twinings Pure Camomile

Higher Living Ginger Kick


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