My favourite cuisines for the most relaxing birthday dinners earlier this month.

Mum and I went to an old favourite on the Friday. This was the home-style garlic bread “brushed with garlic butter”!
My calabrese de contidino: spicy calabrese salami, garlic, mushroom, spanish onions, fresh chilli, fresh basil in a napoletana sauce w homemade fresh pasta de contidino. It was the first time I’d tried this sort of pasta – it had a good bite and let the sauce get all up inside.
Mum was craving a lasagne and boy, were looks deceiving. Despite looking so small, this dish was incredibly filling and I had to help her take on a third of it. Team effort guys!

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The next evening, I had plans for Japanese with S at a hidden gem in Haymarket.
As you probably all know, I am a complete sushi fiend and so was my friend. We went for the spider and rainbow rolls (not deviating from my usual choices) and they came out around 10 minutes after ordering on the screen. 


Rainbow roll. The seafood crowd-pleaser.
Spider roll. Look at that crispy crab goodness!
I also love agedashi tofu and it was my friend’s first time trying this dreamy dish.
Who can say no to kimchi fried rice? Tone down the spice a bit and you get a perfectly mild complement to sushi and sake.
Finally, dessert – green tea cheesecake, green tea ice cream and black sesame ice cream.
My mouth is watering as I write this! Cheesecake cravings need to be satisfied, pronto.
If this place has piqued your interest as it did mine, I should probably note that you are well off booking a couple of days or a week before your meal – Wagaya does two sittings: 6:00 and 8, but we were able to book for 6:30pm and were out by 8pm. Since our dishes arrived quickly out of the kitchen, we didn’t feel rushed to finish everything which was lovely. Service from the staff was brilliant, and the food was all reasonably priced.  

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Then we walked it off and ended up in Darling Harbour for the fireworks and laser display.
Then dessert round 2. Churros tastes better when it’s free.

Next up, exams… which are now behind me so that I can do things over the break. I’m thinking brand-spanking new content on this blog, more exercise, books to read and lots of culinary experiments!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.

XO Lauren


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