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Calm before the storm

I am very well aware that we are halfway into the semester and this isn’t the best time to ramble on the internet. That said, here I am enjoying my morning tea ritual. This week has been eventful, aside from the #SydneyStorm situation (Mother Nature’s way of testing my dedication to tertiary education, I say).

Sheltered from the inclement weather earlier this week with a chai latte at Kikko, QVB. This place is a joke. Why is the honey on the side and not in the glass? Going back to Workshop.
Went to Mexico for an hour with M (nachos & veg burrito bowl) and it was heaven – double guacamole next time please. Then went to sample some teas and fell in love with this gorgeous cup and saucer!

Friday was another one of those perfect days, when:

  • I have a creaseless outfit planned
  • I have enough time in the morning to make the most of my layers with loose curls
  • I don’t stumble out of the house without packing enough food
  • The music I’m listening to somehow fits the moment
  • All forms of public transport let me arrive at my destination on time or even a bit earlier…
  • So I can grab a good coffee from the cafe across the road
  • I stroll into the office with nothing but good vibes
  • I get to work on something creative
  • There’s an interesting conversation going on
  • At the end of the day, I feel strangely invigorated by what I’ve experienced

For someone who mostly worries about uncertainty, taking the time to reflect and think about the bigger picture is like having a breeze just pass through my wasteland of a brain. I don’t do this enough, but when I take the time to write these things down (or put it on Instagram), it feels great – maybe there’s an increase in activity in dopamine neurons when you’re thankful.

Regular mental time-outs are an important habit to cultivate whether it’s fitting in a sun salutation before the 8am drive to work or having a baking session every weekend. A friend of mine once likened it to training for a marathon – you can’t expect to run 50 km without preparing often for such a physically demanding activity.

So I’ll keep running.

And one day I’ll realise I’m more than ready.



XO Lauren


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