Speaking of tea

Breakfast in the afternoon and a cup of Waitrose English Breakfast. I’m enjoying the floating tea bags…
Who knew lentils and chickpeas could be such a satisfying lunch? I bought mine from Top Juice and asked for half of the chicken salad too.
I drink a lot of green tea because I love the taste of a good quality brew, and for the most obvious reason – I’m Chinese. I used to think that Asian teas from T2 were such rip-offs as they were relatively expensive, but then again when I tried a sample of White Jasmine, I quite liked it. This week, after making a beeline for the brew bar and trying the China Jasmine, I found that it was love at first sip! Very comforting after a crazy day. It’s definitely not the same as the bitter tea that you often get at yum cha and I’m thoroughly convinced everyone needs this people pleaser in their life.
I still can’t manage to flip an egg without destroying the yolk, however I’ve got poached eggs down pat. On this particular morning, I also whizzed together one frozen banana, a handful of frozen mixed berries (not Nanna’s), a tablespoon of plain Greek yoghurt, and a cup of milk for my smoothie of the day.

This burger footage was the result of me somehow boarding the wrong train home on Friday (the 13th), and ending up in the city. I can’t believe Grill’d has sweet potato and even zucchini fries on the menu now – I mean their seasoned fries were amazing but this just blows my mind!

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂

XO Lauren


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