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Farewell to another summer

A.K.A. Back to classes. Early mornings and hopefully not so late nights.

6:30pm at Tapavino,Β a very busy establishment and for good reason. Pictured is the fabulous chorizo romesco and some of the olives with tangy guindilla pepper. We also picked the lentil, goat’s curd & fried kale salad, and tomato garlic bread which were both so delicious. Dinner went down with a rosΓ© off the extensive wine list and I can safely say we were more than impressed! The only advice I can impart is book maybe a week in advance so you can enjoy the Tapavino experience. In a place like this, the more the merrier!

Tapavino on Urbanspoon

After my first time eating lentils (I’m sure it’s an Asian thing, we eat green beans), I was inspired to recreate that simple salad. I cooked and drained them, added some crushed garlic & herb feta then topped it off with baked kale. It was a great accompaniment to the fusilli napoletana I whipped up for dinner.
Baked potatoes are so satisfying, especially when they’re rolled around in flaky sea salt and a sprig of rosemary. Half an hour in a 180 degree oven and you have yourself a hug in vegetable form.
It probably isn’t news to you that I enjoy my avocado on toast but yesterday I found the perfect one at The Baron. The buffalo mozzarella and bit of onion amped up the flavours, and a lime wedge gave it something different. This is art.

The Baron on Urbanspoon

I think my body is ready for the autumn semester.
Hope you’re all doing well!

XO Lauren


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