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Clean starts

A trip to Bondi Wholefoods on the weekend called for acai (smoothie) bowls chock-full of good stuff. My only gripe was that there was too much granola, otherwise it tasted fabulous!
Cacao smoothie for S, iced chai for me.
This chai was not your usual overly sweet powdered chai drink from cafes. I would recommend it! The background is the rest of BW which is actually a grocery store – I picked up some tea that was on the top shelf of the aisle behind me.
Walking along the beach was so refreshing on such a hot day. 
Earlier in the week, I was at Crows Nest with mother – it is such a gorgeous, leafy suburb.
This place was my definition of heaven, I wish I could have bought one of everything from the store! Yes, grocery shopping excites me especially if tea is involved. 
Then we returned to Ryo’s and had cold ramen…
And gyoza.


XO Lauren


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