Max, Mary and me

Semester two, week one:

  • Banana bread and not quite the Reuben’s salted caramel milkshake at Max Brenner on Mountain St
  • Salmon avocado sushi and chilled, fresh coconut water at the Galeries
  • Finally got around to trying the Mary’s Burger, fried chicken, and mash & gravy after my friends raved about it. I didn’t have high expectations for the burger because it seemed like glorified McDonald’s – it wasn’t bad, just not worth $14 with thin fries on the side. I’m a thick fry kind of gal! The chicken on the other hand, was divine. As for the gravy, it had a nice consistency to dunk your fries into. After my first visit, I can say that I won’t be in a rush to go back to Mary’s, but when I do, it will be to have a drink and some chicken.

photo 1 (84) photo 2 (85) photo 3 (67) photo 4 (49) photo 5 (27)
Mary's on Urbanspoon

XO Lauren


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