Monday night adventures

Last night, S and I had dinner at Ichiban-Boshi in the Galeries which is a go-to place for inexpensive meals and lightning-speed service.


Iced lemon teas


Tokyo ramen


Karaage don – that deep fried chicken was moreish


Ichi-ban Boshi on UrbanspoonThen we walked to Clarence St in search for the Baxter Inn, which apparently required going through a dark, seedy-looking alley and down a flight of stairs. I was up for an adventure! We found ourselves in the Barber Shop and realised we were at the wrong bar, so we went back out and asked a man where the bar was. He gestured to another door, so we walked down the stairs, opened the door and got whisked away into another era. It was exciting! As S and I were not massive whisky aficionados, we both drank a vodka and freshly squeezed apple juice concoction which was very refreshing. The bartender told us it was actually a very quiet night; lucky for us as we got to appreciate the jazzy atmosphere and have a good chat after the release of exam results.

IMG_7717 IMG_7723

The Baxter Inn on Urbanspoon


XO Lauren


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