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Mr. Wong, CBD

By day, Mr. Wong serves up dim sims and come night time, Cantonese dishes with a Western twist. Last night was a rare occasion where my whole family could go out and enjoy a meal together, so I compromised with the choice of cuisine they enjoy and the Western vibe that appeals to the younger ones. Having had our fair share of dining experiences in authentic Chinese restaurants not under hotel management, I was curious to know whether the food would live up to our somewhat high expectations. Stepping inside, I was instantly transported to another realm, and dining in a museum never looked so good.

mr wong

Believe it or not, there’s a restaurant in there

mr wong mr wong

Hot and sour soup with chicken, mushrooms, and crab 

I loved the bits of crab which added an extra bite to a standard soup.

mr wong

Textural salad of poached chicken, jellyfish

I can never resist a jellyfish salad; while this one might have benefited with some chilli or spices, it was a good entree to whet the appetite with.

mr wong

Mr. Wong’s ginger beer with lemongrass was approved by my parents.

mr wong

The little one went with a mocktail: coconut and kaffir lime leaf martini

mr wong

As for myself, the extensive wine list was admittedly appealing but the cocktails caught my eye. Each one was named after a Chinese province and incorporated an ingredient from that region! I love a creative experiment so I had the Hainan Province made with Otokoyama sake, lychee liqueur, rhubarb bitters and ginger syrup. All I could feel was the gentle warming sensation in my throat from the ginger, and it tasted fantastic. I’m very keen to try the other cocktails next time I visit.

mr wong

First up for the main course was a large serve of crispy spiced tofu. Unfortunately, the chefs weren’t being very liberal with the spice so there wasn’t enough to evenly coat the tofu cubes (catering for Westerners, clearly). The ones that did manage to get some were moreish.

mr wong

Mr. Wong’s special fried rice with pork and prawn (large)

Otherwise known as yangzhou fried rice, obtainable from any Chinese eatery, this tasted as good as fried rice can get. We only ordered this because we need our rice… I’m sure some of you will understand!

mr wong mr wong

Forgot the exact name of this, but these steamed scallops were incredible! Definitely worth giving them a try if you love your seafood.

photo 1 (71)photo 2 (72)

Roasted angus beef shortrib “Shandong style”, soy, chilli and shallot dressing

This was hands down my favourite dish of the night and I cannot sing its praises enough. The beef was cooked perfectly to allow the flavours of the sauce to soak in and boy did you want all the flavour you could get!

mr wong mr wong mr wong

For dessert, we shared two amongst us: lychee and ginger ice, coconut sorbet, pineapple, water chestnuts and herbal jelly and Mr. Wong’s deep fried vanilla ice cream served with butter scotch sauce. I was very happy with the first choice and would order it again if I can resist the mango pudding.

mr wong

As you can see, I proceeded to take photos of the bathroom because I was in awe of the design.

mr wong mr wong

It’s real nice to have a portrait of an old lady to look at while you do your thing…

mr wong

Where the bottles are stored from the extensive wine list

Final thoughts: Service may not have been the most prompt as our angus ribs came after our other mains were finished, and it also took a while to get a credit card back. I hate to say this, but I can only count about one waiter who actually smiled and didn’t come off cold to us for unknown reasons so I’m not overly impressed with that. However, I can vouch for the great tasting food and with a full house of buzzing diners on a public holiday, you know you have done well. Will I return? Yes, but given the prices of some staple Chinese dishes, it will have to be a special occasion or just drinks and dessert one night.

Mr Wong on Urbanspoon

XO Lauren


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