Castle Taj Indian Tandoori, Castle Hill

My last visit to this restaurant was in early 2010 with some family friends, so it was a refreshing change to go back for dinner tonight.

castle taj castle taj

Mango lassi – when your mouth is on fire from the overload of spices, this yoghurt drink is a lifesaver.

castle taj castle taj

castle taj

Always start with papadums and garlic naan.

castle taj

Lamb rogan josh, chicken korma, aloo gohbi and basmati rice. Absolutely delicious and there was so much sauce that we mopped it up with our remaining naan bread.

castle taj

One should not be seen eating Indian in this manner… it’s just wrong, but I tried using my hands and it didn’t work out.

castle taj

To finish off dinner, I had my favourite pistachio kulfi and mum sipped her masala tea. I should have Indian more often; while the dishes are mildly spiced, the flavours pack a punch every time.

Castle Taj Indian Tandoori on Urbanspoon

XO Lauren


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