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Bentley Restaurant and Bar, CBD

bentleyMeeting up with X was such a treat this afternoon as we bonded over a shared passion for good food. I had a glass of Fruits of the Vine Sauvignon Blanc before poring over the menu.

breadComplimentary sourdough, perfect with scampi and for mopping up excess squid ink.

crackerThese wafer-like crackers were also provided as starters and tasted incredible!

scampi scampi

Scampi + Shaved Lettuce + Avocado

When this beauty arrived on the table, I was wondering where the scampi was and it turns out it was hiding underneath that mound of ‘sand’! The raspberry dust was a gorgeous finishing touch. As we dug in, we were both so impressed by how good it tasted – the flavours really popped with this dish.

cured meatsSelection of House Cured Meats

Three varieties of meat (which have been wiped from memory except the middle one: wagyu) were intertwined to form ball shapes – we’d never seen anything like it! Presentation clearly stood out and the pickled vegetable chunks were a welcome addition to offset the full-flavoured meat.



Southern Calamari + Carrots + Squid Ink + Samphire

Seafood seems to be the theme here, but as X and I are both absolute fanatics, we had to taste the calamari. The thinly sliced calamari and carrot managed to pick up the subtle flavour of the squid ink. If only there was more calamari! Good things come in small packages, though.

pork cheek pork

Pork Cheek + Garlic and Yoghurt Puree + Radicchio + Jamon

We saved this stunning dish for last and it was definitely an incredible ending. I was impressed by how the pork cheek almost melted in my mouth, and it went very well with the sweet amber sauce and puree. The leek was surprisingly good as well. A real pleasure to eat!

interior interiorFinal thoughts: Upon the conclusion of our lunch, X and I marked The Bentley as a place to return to, either for bar snacks and wine or a full-blown meal. I must say the menu was put together very well and there were many good dishes that caught my eye. Brilliant service from the rather smiley lady with a bob who detailed the components of our dish (however it would’ve been great if she wrote everything down!). Great food, great wine by the glass, equally good company – I, for one, am more than satisfied.

Bentley Restaurant and Bar on Urbanspoon

XO Lauren


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