The Weekly Digest

As this week progressed, I frequented some of my go-to places for great value meals.

thaiTried out something other than a chicken pad thai – beef pad see iew at Thai La-Ong. I usually opt for takeaway during peak hour, but I managed to grab a table at 2:30pm that day.

Thai la-Ong on Urbanspoon
yogurtlandSelf-serve frozen yoghurt can be a hit or miss when you’ve got so many options before you. I went down the safe route and stuck with the nutty flavours of white chocolate macadamia, hazelnut latte, and peanut butter. Then you’ve got to top it off with mochi and those bursting bubbles! I always tell myself to skip the gummy bears because they freeze up a bit (not gummy at all), but I just couldn’t resist them.


If you’ve been following my food adventures for a while, you would be able to recognise this place instantly. And if you haven’t, you’ve been missing out big time. Here’s Exhibits A and B – if it’s good enough for David Chang, it’s definitely a winner for me, too! On the side, I had takoyaki and sweet potato tempura this time.

pastaNow we come to Thursday, where I decided to have lunch at my favourite cafe near the science library. More often than not, I’ll have a sandwich or wrap but the change in weather prompted me to go for steaming pasta. Parma hit the ball out of the park with this moreish creamy penne with chicken, bacon and leek! I was rather impressed by the tenderness of the chicken and that there was enough sauce to coat the ridges of the pasta… perfect comfort food.


Hope your week has gone swimmingly and you’ve looked after yourself!

XO Lauren



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