We Can’t Stop (Eating)

If anyone decides to remix Miley’s song, I’d be more than happy to provide the lyrics.

Last Tuesday, Y and I embarked on a spontaneous food adventure from Newtown to the CBD, much to the jealousy of my friends. After taking advantage of the free sausage sizzles at uni, we hopped on a bus headed for the next suburb and walked to Black Star Pastry. I had heard so much about this popular destination (well their watermelon cake) but never got around to going there.

black star

black star

The star of the show for $7.50. I must admit it’s not the cheapest cake to satisfy your sweet tooth with, but it does make for a lovely occasional treat if you’re in the area. Being such a small cake, it was hard to sample all the layers at once, so when it was deconstructed I found myself enjoying the bottom layer the most! Yes, a bit of an anti-climax. My friend had an iced tea while I went for a lemonade.

black star Black Star Pastry on Urbanspoon

Afterwards, we took a stroll on King St and relaxed at a magazine store for an hour.newtown

Then we stopped at a random shop and had scoops of black sesame tofu ice cream. We headed back to the city and parted ways for an hour, then met back at Din Tai Fung for some spicy dumpling goodness. We are absolutely bonkers for that stuff! Unfortunately the hot and sour soup ran out so we chose the bowl of wontons in soup (far right) – should have just ordered another serving of the spicy wontons. After having drunken chicken, soup dumplings and sweet iced tea, we were ready to walk it off!

din tai fung Din Tai Fung on Urbanspoon

XO Lauren


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