Beretta 92

On grey and rainy Monday, R and I headed to the Shangri-La for cocktails before seeing Rob Drummond’s notorious Bullet Catch at 7:30.


R chose the bubbly Paradise and I had the romantic Harbourside Rose. It was so pretty and tasted fantastic! Definitely a drink to fall back on when I want to go for something special.

viewRose syrup and froth – yum! It always feels unreal watching life go by, three dozen levels below me.


An early start to the day paired with beautiful weather made for quite excellent photo-taking opportunities…

photo (20)Absolutely.


My friend, on the other hand looked much more presentable, wearing a dress that complemented her drink perfectly.


RobAnd showtime! There were many unanswered questions and times when I had to suspend my disbelief, but overall it was an incredible act. Rob played on the Freudian idea of wanting to kill, save, or love a person who we have just met. It was fun to be transported a century into the past and wonder how Houdini must have felt upon hearing the news of William Henderson’s death. Anguish, disappointment, guilt? We’ll never know.

When the show ended, R and I went for hot chocolates and coffees before returning home for a night of rest.


XO Lauren


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