Festival Village

festival village

After hearing that Festival Village in Hyde Park was to supply Sydneysiders with Rekorderlig and Messina, S and I headed there last night for a catch up. There was a long line of people waiting to get in – I believe we waited for about 40 minutes, ever so slowly inching closer to the entrance.

festival village

We even watched Sacrilege being blown up! After showing our ID’s, we walked around the carnival themed village in search of something to eat. There were $8 hot dogs, $10 jaffles, overpriced dim sum… just a couple of stalls that I wasn’t particularly interested in. The food offerings were honestly disappointing, so I decided to wait until later in the night to grab gelato.

festival villagefestival village

festival village

I was very happy with my strawberry and lime cider ($8, half a bottle), although most of it was pieces of ice. Sipping our drinks, we watched as the sun went down and the fairy lights began to shimmer in the night.

festival village

festival village

festival village

After a long chat, my friend and I made our way to the Il Carnivale Di Gelato Messina stall. The sundaes caught my eye – I thought, if I were to pay $9 for some soft serve I might as well be less adventurous and choose something that sounds tasty.

It was the right thing to do.

festival village

festival village festival village My oh my, ‘banana split’ was just indulgent! It consisted of soft serve ice cream with caramelised bananas, whipped cream, peanut butter gelato, chocolate sauce and topped off with a fat cherry. That was money well spent on such a filling dessert. 

Final thoughts: This event is only held once a year and since it’s in such a prime location, if you can wait patiently in a line then why not have a change of scenery with weekend drinks at a park? The lights also look very pretty, and with St. Mary’s Cathedral lurking in the background it makes for quite a picture perfect memory.

Enjoy your weekend!

XO Lauren


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