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Busshari Authentic Japanese Restaurant, Potts Point

The last time I ventured into Kings Cross, it was to my surprise that there was not a scantily dressed lady to be found. However, as I made my way down the dark side of Darlinghurst Rd in the evening of last night, my stroll was illuminated by suggestive neon signs and a lot of red lighting. Despite seeing stairs leading to God knows where, and having the odd intoxicated man walk past us, I’m convinced it’s not all that menacing. Of course, that’s easy to say when you’re only after some Japanese (very good Japanese, mind you) and you’re out of there within an hour and a half…

Anyway, I digress, the aim of last night was to connect with a friend who will soon be embarking on a trip across the Indian Ocean. Now enter, Busshari.


We were lucky to be seated at the sushi bar, with a view of our Japanese sushi chef preparing our rolls on the spot. A lovely waitress poured us two glasses of our usual drop, a dry sauvignon blanc.


First up, pork gyoza to whet the appetite. These were so tasty and I could have gone for more servings!


My friend had a tuna, avocado and cucumber hand roll. To deal with this in a civilised manner, she successfully took to her chopsticks. You’re getting there!


photoThe spider roll that I devoured was such a delight! Some would say it’s ridiculous to spend $17 or more on a freshly made roll, but as a Japanese cuisine fanatic why not appreciate the skills that an expert sushi chef has acquired through years of training, whether overseas or not? Besides, you can absolutely taste the difference – this was mouthwatering, to say the least.


Finally, we tried the pork belly kakuni and it striked a nice balance between fattiness and meat. This was drowned in a flavoursome sauce, but if the meat was slightly more tender in order to soak up that flavour, it would have been incredible.

Busshari Authentic Japanese Restaurant on UrbanspoonWe took off afterwards for a post-dinner stroll and made our way to another restaurant for part two of our seemingly Japanese themed night. I introduced G to Saké for their stunning desserts – she had a green tea kit kat and I had a yuzu soufflé. This time, we drank Langmeil Rosé.



I had such an enjoyable night with my friend and cannot wait to hear about her adventures when she returns!


XO Lauren


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