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The Meat & Wine Co., Darling Harbour

I wasn’t teetering around on 5-inch heels amongst a hot mess of twentysomethings for New Years’ Eve, so to compensate for the drunken activities I potentially missed out on, I dined and wined with one of my closest friends last night. And it was fantastic.

The Meat & Wine Co. was surprisingly easy to get to from Town Hall station, I passed two streets walking down Bathurst St and after spotting the IMAX theatre I was almost there!


At 6:30pm, the main section of the restaurant was about three quarters full. There wasn’t a line outside when I arrived but by 7:15pm, you could not possibly get a table without a prior booking! Customers were still streaming in at 8:30pm on a Thursday night, so my friend and I were glad we had booked a week earlier in order to secure our harbour view.

Inside the restaurant, the dark wood interior and strategically placed spotlights exuded class and elegance but I was surprised this venue showed little sign of exclusivity. There wasn’t a dress code but I had dressed smart casual to be safe. It was great to see casual diners such as young families with toddlers in tow enjoying the impeccable service that The Meat and Wine Co. is renowned for.



For our entree, we had an amazing bruschetta avocado and I’m sure it was finished with a drizzle of balsamic. Two glasses of dry sauvignon blanc were poured at this point.


Mains were spectacular, I must say. My flavoursome Monte Free Range eye of rump was cooked to medium rare perfection, ever so balanced with a red-pink centre and seared sides. I absolutely loved the Portugese peri peri sauce which I dipped my thick chips into.

My friend, G, went with the lamb chops and she enjoyed it very much! Having tried a bit of it, I may give this a try if I can possibly resist a juicy steak next time.

1 rump

What a way to convince me that good things do come in small packages…

affogato kahlua

It’s nice to treat yourself to a good affogato once in a while! Our liquid desserts came in the form ofΒ vanilla bean ice cream served in a martini glass with shots of espresso and Kahlua on the side. After adding the shots and swirling the mixture, the espresso flavours became stronger and it was incredible. We’re definitely heading back for another one soon!

affogato mixed

Final thoughts: Super pleased with the food, ambience and service. The waiters checked up on meals and made sure you had a great time – my friend and I sure did. I’m sure the memory of dining at the Meat and Wine Co. will linger in future conversations, especially when we try to hunt down an affogato that beats the one we had last night!

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XO Lauren


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