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The only thing I’m fussy about when it comes to cleansing is that I do it right. That I get right off my face, all the beads of sweat and particles of dirt that would have decided to have a pimple party… and that is not up my alley at all!

Let me start by saying I’m clearly about what’s cheap and cheerful because in the end, you’re washing products down the sink in a matter of 10-15 seconds. While I don’t see the point of splashing money on cleansers and toners (unless you have troublesome skin), for moisturising it’s a different story for another day.

Step One When I get home from the city, the first thing I do is reach for my stash of makeup wipes – unfortunately my $1 a packet ones from the supermarket have run out, but I’d recommend any wipes for getting off the bulk of your makeup (do avoid Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes – they sting).    

Step Two Depending on how my skin looks on a given day, I’ll either wash my face with a physical scrub or a liquid cleanser. My mini St. Ives apricot scrub has been serving me well, but I have to be careful with something like this so to not scratch the delicate eye area! The trusty green tea cleanser from St. Ives and the one from Clean & Clear do a good job at making my skin feel refreshed without being drying. My favourite cleansing product at the moment is definitely the offering from Yes to Tomatoes – it feels like a gentle hybrid of a scrub and a non-foaming gel. Since I love using beady scrubs to get a deep clean, I’m glad there’s one that doesn’t feel harsh on my skin, hence daily pore scrub.

Step Three It may seem OTT to use a toner after all that cleansing, but combination skin like mine benefits from a final sweep of an astringent across the forehead, down the nose and around the chin. But alcohol! It’s so drying! Nobody told you to tone religiously everyday, both day and night. This step is usually reserved for when I’ve arrived home after a day in the city, as that’s when I crave a good clean. However, if my skin is congested and not looking particularly clear, I’ll tone in the evening and then follow it up with an oil-free moisturiser. If you have normal skin and want to add the toning step into your skincare routine just because you can, a few off the top of my head to check out are from Jurlique, Mario Badescu and Aesop. A toner that doesn’t contain ingredients for moisture retention will most definitely dry your skin a little, so always remember to moisturise afterwards with a suitable product.


Have a good skin day!


XO Lauren



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