Poporo, Chinatown

Poporo happened tonight when I was dragged out for a rare family outing. Since none of us were too hungry and I had quite a late lunch, we skipped the bento boxes and went for smaller meals.

photo 4 (9)

photo 1 (18)

My tonkotsu ramen (half size) and agedashi tofu

The tofu tasted amazing and for $3 a bowl, you get deep-fried goodness with some broth. Ramen was good too, but the soup was quite salty so I didn’t end up drinking most of it like I normally would. Yes, I must admit I’m a naughty drinker of MSG-laden soups.

I’d go to Ichiban Boshi in the Galeries for noodles, or better yet, Ryo’s Noodles in Crow’s Nest – best ramen in Sydney.

photo 3 (14)

Wafu oroshi chicken katsu (deep fried chicken cutlet with vinegar soy sauce) rice set – $13.70

My brother seemed to enjoy this quite a bit!

photo 2 (18)

Buta don (sliced pork on rice), pickles, miso soup and salad

At $8.90 it’s great value and I’d imagine it would make a satisfying lunch feed for the hungry uni student.

Poporo on Urbanspoon

XO Lauren


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