Highlights of last week

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I took a spontaneous trip to Baroque on sunny Wednesday for a chocolate eclair ($8) and cappuccino ($4.50), both of which I thoroughly enjoyed! Last time I had the rosewater version and don’t know which one I like more – the crisp pastry and tempered chocolate on top was divine.

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Menya Mappen on Urbanspoon Lunch on Thursday was a quick affair at none other than Menya Mappen – my go-to place for under $10 meals. I had a takoyaki craving that day, hence the two skewers sandwiching a piece of tempura chicken. With a noodle joint as inexpensive and popular as Menya, you’d have to beat the midday rush of CBD diners by going at 2pm if you want to eat in!

Highlights of last week

My instagram followers would know that I spent way too much on frozen yoghurt last Friday – $9 for 360g. The thing with self-service is that I can’t quite estimate how much I’ve got until the cup is weighed. Oh well, girl’s got to eat her feelings!


XO Lauren


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