Updated core hair products

Having bleach come into contact with your hair can be a truly damaging process, so I took liberties when it came to choosing shampoo and conditioner for my newly balayaged hair.

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Hair that has been bleached is virtually stripped of its colour, depending on how long you leave the bleach on for. Nevertheless, I took the safe path and picked sulfate-free products – yes they are more expensive. But I’ve known people who dye their hair multiple times, don’t choose the right products and end up being quite shocked at how quickly their salon/box colour fades. Salon colour usually lasts a bit longer but I don’t think there is much gain in the long run by getting professional treatment when you’re not prepared to invest in your hair care. When I say ‘invest’, I mean doing research to hunt down the most suitable products for your hair concerns (Google was my best friend). It’s generally assumed that price is an indicator of quality and I’d say this ‘rule’ applies to more complex hair types – for instance damaged, bleached,

Getting back to my hair, I had initially decided to go with the Pureology range as it was specifically developed for colour treated locks. The only problem was that the shampoos and conditioners were ridiculously priced in Australia (in my opinion), and I needed to wash my hair, stat. Redken was easily accessible but I didn’t like the all soft range. Express delivery was a must for me so I ended up getting an Evo shampoo and the glorious Matrix conditioning balm. I knew I wanted to put some moisture back into my hair and luckily both products are well worth the money! For a sulfate-free shampoo, Evo The Therapist lathers up so well and I get a good clean out of it. You also can’t go wrong with a thick conditioner applied to the mid-lengths of your hair. I would definitely recommend this Matrix Biolage balm to anyone.  

On a final note, if your hair is suffering from obviously abysmal treatment, cut it off, it’ll grow back. I always believe that if someone cherishes long hair, they should give it as much TLC as possible – I’m not too fond of seeing those fried and forked ends brushing against my shoulder when I stand next to you on the bus. Call me an over reacting drama queen, but I’m just all for healthy, sexy hair.


Take care (Garnier), ladies!


XO Lauren


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