Lots of lashes

Lots of lashes

Disclaimer: All opinions are based on my own lashes, so go ahead and try whatever you like.

I don’t always wear mascara and a full face of makeup on most days, but when I do, I’ve recently been switching between Bourjois and L’Oreal. I purchased Max Factor 2000 Calorie today as I wanted a mascara with a non-rubber bristle head. I find that those types tend to yield less spidery results when I go for 2 or more coats.

Your skin type plays a part in selecting a mascara, and obviously oily-combination skinned ladies need to powder the eye area to avoid panda eyes – a beauty crime I may have committed! Alternatively, go for a waterproof formulation if that’s what you’re after. With my combination skin, Bourjois Beauty’Full Volume‘s wetness and mousse-like consistency weighed my lashes down and left me with some unsightly dark residue at the end of the day. The brush was nice and big, perfect for creating volume but not ideal for my shorter lashes.

Onto the waterproof side of things.

Oh my, Lash Architect 4D definitely does not budge! Even when I use oil to wash off my eye makeup, it doesn’t completely come off. Hence my vow to not buy waterproof mascara again! I read somewhere that you shouldn’t use it on a daily basis because it can be damaging. What I do like about Lash Architect is that it defines your lashes and doesn’t clump, however if you’re looking for volume and a false lash look, this isn’t the right one.

Now what of good old Max Factor? My first impressions go something like this: I really, really love the curved bristle brush! It fits into the curvature of my lower lashes perfectly so I don’t get any mascara on my skin. It doesn’t clump. I wouldn’t say it lifts my lashes but a good squeeze with my Shiseido curler should do the trick.


XO Lauren


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