Baroque Bistro Bar Patisserie, The Rocks

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A long overdue catch up with great company took place today at Baroque, one of L’s go-to restaurants. I must say I have got to expand my horizons a bit; alternating between Japanese and Italian cuisines is leaving me a little behind on the dining scene. Anyway, after a long deliberation, I made my lunch choice…

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I picked one of Baroque’s open sandwiches, namely the pulled pork shoulder tartine served with braised red cabbage & fennel pollen mayonnaise. Thoroughly enjoyed it although the crust was slightly difficult to cut into with a regular knife.

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L went with a popular order, the croque monsieur with double smoked ham, béchamel sauce, Swiss gruyere grilled on sourdough with green leaf salad. This one’s perfect for those partial to some good cheese.

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Let’s not go to Baroque for their famous macarons… said no one ever (sorry that had to be done). That salted caramel was incomparable! This may actually be the best salted caramel ever in Sydney, but you’d have to try for yourself. We also had the pistachio and mango lime coconut flavours.

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Odd angle but the rosewater eclair was exceptional. And the gold leaf was such a nice touch.

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Cappuccinos for L and I.

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The cakes are definitely worth trying out and prices range from $8-$12 so you can’t really go wrong in a place like this.

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Then we proceeded to take a stroll in the surrounding markets, where upon seeing adorable babies fashion may or may not have said “I just want a baby so I can dress it up!” Judge me as you will.


XO Lauren


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