First impressions: Grown Facial Masque & Facial Moisturiser


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Some days I feel it’s necessary to shell out the big bucks for beneficial skincare products, but what about those that are organic (read: all natural and supposedly great for your skin)? I’m quite a hoarder when it comes to skincare – I’ll see something that has garnered good reviews and will want to try it, especially if it’s within my budget. Then after a week, I’ll fall out of love with it and resume my hunt for the perfect moisturiser. Note: I will very rarely pay more than $20 for individual cleansers/moisturisers/the whole shebang because we all know I’m running on student income. So when Grown wasΒ veryΒ heavily discounted at my local Priceline, I thought I’d try out the moisturiser which claimed to be mattifying and suited combination skin! Those are features that are a must in any product for me.

Long spiel aside, I’ll start with the Acai-berry and borago moisturiser:

  1. I expected to smell berries but it leans toward a subtle rice-y scent. I like it though.
  2. It’s deeply moisturising and any dry patches (from naughty hot showers) are restored to their original state.
  3. The moisture lasts – if I put it on before bed, I can wake up assured that my face isn’t dry at all.
  4. It’s gentle and feels pleasant to use. The abundance of natural ingredients makes me feel okay to slather it on. Any guilt that ensues after putting on a full face of moisturiser is completely eliminated. Perhaps I’ve fallen into Grown’s marketing trap?!
  5. Ultimately, it’s everything I’d ever want in a product. My skin is still matte after 4 hours, it seems to work with and not against my skintype. Of course I’d love if it could make my skin extremely clear but such is mildly problematic skin! Time to invest in serums maybe.

What about the wheatgerm ginkgo and cranberry mask?

  1. I love me a clay mask, and a gentle one at that. This one doesn’t strip my skin of its natural oils so I don’t feel all tight and dry after. On good days, I can even forego the moisturiser, that’s how gentle this mask is.
  2. Also smells pleasant and gender-neutral. It’s as perfect for guys as it is for girls.
  3. I like to focus the product on my forehead – I find that it reduces redness associated with breakouts. It also seems to help dry out those areas without being too harsh.
  4. A 10 cent coin size is enough for a thin layer over your face, so hopefully this mask will last me until the Christmas sales!


Have you tried any of the Grown products?


XO Lauren


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