Saké Restaurant & Bar, The Rocks

Last night I was lucky enough to be treated to impeccable service and experience an incredible ambience at Saké. I was across the road when I heard music thumping from the restaurant and I knew that was my scene! It’s such a funky place, I loved the Western/Japanese design and the intimate table setting perfect for holding a conversation or a fabulous dinner party. Upon arriving at our table, waiters offered us both still and sparkling waters along with two bowls of edamame beans. Eating the beans was an interesting experience in itself and T went ahead and ate the skin, only to find out you are supposed to eat just the beans! They were lightly salted and made for a great start to dinner.

photo 1-18

photo 3-13

The first entree ordered was sashimi tacos matched with Kozaemon Junmai sake shots. The waiter’s advice was to eat the taco and take a shot immediately after. I tried the salmon taco as well as the shot and boy was it quite awful! I’m not very used to Japanese rice wine so I’d say it’s an acquired taste. Nevertheless, it was a great experience.

photo 4-8

Salt and pepper tofu was very soft on the inside and delicately crisp on the outside.

photo 5-4

A highlight of the dinner was kushiyaki (grilled skewers) and we decided on chicken, zucchini and pork belly. My friends really enjoyed the pork belly and I loved the teriyaki sauce on my zucchini.


Next up was chicken teriyaki, we love our teriyaki sauce!

photo 1-19

My sakura sake which I had half of.

photo 3-14

S express was soft, infused with flavour – very distinguishable from sushi belt or restaurant sushi maki.

photo 4-9

Finally, our dynamite and spider maki which I have no complaints about!

photo 1-20

My surprise sorbet accompanied with singing waiters.

photo 4-10

I’m sure this quick snap doesn’t do the chocolate fondant any justice. My friends were very passionate about how amazing this tasted.

photo 2-16

Black Sugar Pannacotta in an asymmetrical bowl, how cute. I initially wanted to try this but when I saw the bento box, I figured I should expand my palate a little.

photo 3-15

I shared the bento box and it was a textural adventure. It featured miso caramel with pistachio, green tea cookies, strawberry ganache, white chocolate jelly balls and kalamansi sorbet. All very unique and fun to eat! It’s a dessert I’d love to have again.

All in all, I had an exciting meal at a hatted establishment and I would love to return someday in the future! Food came out quickly, service was outstanding and the atmosphere was real lively. Saké Restaurant & Bar definitely deserves its place up there with the best dining venues in Sydney.

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 XO Lauren


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