Jamie’s Italian, CBD

photo 1-13

Last night, out of sheer fortune, I hopped into a Benz and headed to Jamie’s Italian for my 18th family dinner. We were advised a waiting time of an hour, so the parents and I had pre-dinner drinks in the bar area near the front doors. Note: I had my first drink all to myself and I regretted my choice of amaretto and whisky after the first sip. Whisky’s an acquired taste.

photo 2-9

photo 3-10

photo 5

I didn’t expect the restaurant to be that dark (hence the sub-zero quality of the photos)! It became quite ridiculous how far they went with the intimate atmosphere and the tables were placed in very close proximity to each other. I wasn’t too impressed with the loud (pop) music competing with conversations but luckily this died down during the night.

photo 3-9

We enjoyed the meat planks (for 2) as our antipasto starter. It featured sweet olives, cured meats, cheeses and a minty salad which was quite the taste adventure. So much fun!

photo 1-15

My pasta alla norma – bad decision when I tried to tame the heat from the chilli with red wine. Fire + alcohol… oh dear. Nevertheless, a nicely portioned and unique pasta dish.

photo 1-14

Chose a glass of red (vino rosso della casa) to accompany my meal.

photo 5-1

Veal saltimbocca – from the bite that I tried, it was worth eating.

photo 4-5

Steak tagliata cooked medium rare was absolute perfection. It’s just hiding underneath the leafy salad!

photo 2-11

I finished dinner with the poached fruit. It was lovely but not worth it.

photo 2-10

A totally unexpected, sweet little surprise/keepsake.

photo 5-2

Then back home just before midnight to squeeze in a coffee cake from Haymarket – another surprise!

XO Lauren

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