Why yes, I am very young. I’ve just become a legal adult with responsibilities and what not so I started the year by forking out my savings for a balayage. After getting into the city later than expected, I caught an Uber car into the leafy suburb of Paddington. It was nice to not be panting, freezing or both upon my arrival at the hairdressers’. I was greeted by Maria Ardino and my colourist, Kate, both who were exceptionally welcoming.   An assistant proceeded to pour me a glass of lemon water and an English Breakfast before I had my balayage! Kate mixed a light blonde and a dark blonde to achieve the result I wanted; it was inspired by this. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Pinterest 😉

About an hour later, I had so many foils and my head basically became a bird’s nest. However, the teasing helped to get a fluid colour transition. Then the detangling process at the sink took a long time and strained my scalp a little, but I’m all good now. Time to invest in hair masks!


photo 2-7

photo 1-11


When I first dyed my hair, this was the look I tried to achieve. It’s interesting to see the difference between colouring hair yourself and when it’s done by someone else. When you bleach, you can reduce damage by getting it done professionally – your colourist will know how long to keep the product on for.

photo 3-7Complimentary Redken minis, just what I need to kickstart the healing process!

XO Lauren


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