For the couple of days, I’ve been bed-ridden for most of the time and I believe it’s led to a surge of wanderlust. Years ago, I made plans with some friends to travel to Spain and find incredibly attractive boyfriends (don’t judge, you would too!) after the HSC exams. Although I’m lightyears away from earning enough money to travel solo, Barcelona is definitely staying right up there on my to-go list.

Also thinking…

  1. Torrid is my favourite of all Nars blushes. Love the warm, coral shade perfect for the wintertime.
  2. A good clay mask is essential for clearing my impending stress-induced pimple parties. I’d love to try Aesop’s Parsley Seed one. Ren’s gel mask also sounds gentle and promising.
  3. I’m such a lip product junkie and it beats me why I didn’t pick up the Grown lip balm which was on sale at Priceline last week.
  4. I’m getting a haircut this week! A volumising spray such as this one from Living Proof will add some much needed texture to my limp locks. 
  5. Finally, somebody should remind me to buy some classic flat sandals similar to the Rachel Zoe Gladys for next summer. Absolutely in love with the thick straps and simple, gold buckle.
  6. Model of the moment – Karlie makes me want to get all my hair chopped off. But I did that back in July 2010 and it’s taken me 3 years to get to my current length!


XO Lauren




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