Hairy business

Hairy businesstumblr_mlt5o4fbwn1somqkco2_1280

After being united with my first ever bright carrot orange Tangle Teezer, I must admit I now cannot live without it. Used in conjunction with argan oil, my long hair has never been silkier. With normal brushes, my hair would start to fluff up from the midlengths down and while that could be tamed with product, I’d prefer not to add any if I could help it. Due to skepticism, I’ve been late to jump on the bandwagon but honestly, this has been the second best hair purchase (behind John Frieda’s inca-inchi oil).

I bought mine off Beauty Bay as it was the most inexpensive of British stores, but shipping took two weeks which was a bit of a bummer. I’d recommend Look Fantastic if you’d like your Tangle Teezer delivered quicker and ASOS if you’re shopping for clothes as well (although it’s not as cheap)!


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