Acne angora sweater / H&M jumper

Witchery vest / SABA jeans

Rag & Bone boots / Country Road flats

Autumn is the ultimate season to play with textures, so in this deconstruction of what I currently consider as my perfect cold weather outfit, I’ve got some fur going on to keep me warm and add a little interest.

I chose white pants for a change because I’ve always appreciated dark jeans. Aside from the slimming factor, black pairs with everything so it’s a no-brainer for easy dressing. I’d totally be a white convert but there’s that problem of getting stains and against that divine, white slate, everything is visible. That’s a huge problem for me because I’m prone to disasters – I’ll wear a white top one day and somehow, a drop of sauce or bit of tea will manage to ruin the day.

After feeling an angora sweater last week in David Jones, I fell back in love with soft wool but couldn’t justify paying $99 for an item of clothing. I’m a student and I work part-time, but I have to buy $22 transport tickets and feed myself so that I might be able to concentrate on studying and eventually reach my goals in life. I suppose the best I can do in the meantime is hunt down investment pieces on sale, but cashmere and angora will happen one day!

For this outfit, I’ve gone with coloured knits. I’d like to stand out from the monochrome masses, thankyou very much. For autumn, deeper candy shades are a nice contrast to dark plum and black, but you could take inspiration from spring colours such as lemon and mint. Too fresh!

Finish everything off with an obnoxiously coloured scarf and nice shoes. Incu stocks these gorgeous Rag & Bone boots with that heel-but-no-heel. They’d be so great for stomping around campus in. If girly vibes are more of your thing, why not go for patterned pony hair flats with a slight point toe? That’s a touch of sophistication for  you, princess!

XO Lauren


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