Love notes to a Friend of Mine

Enviable basics

fom(via The Grand Social)

Note: I am not affiliated in any way with the brand, this just shows my strong affection with this particular piece of clothing.

Hello perfect white tee.

You are the most basic of basics yet you manage to strike a chord with me every time. Today you are a twist on the traditional linen top, with a gorgeous chiffon back and silk piping for a  summery vibe. I guess someone decided to mix it up a bit! I must admit, slipping you over one of these pretty things or under a moto jacket gets me a little overwhelmed. We can spend days, nights, years together; I know along the way, you’ll probably get tossed onto my bedroom floor but I will always press you with a hot iron so you’ll be just as new. You are perfect and I will cherish you with all that my heart can offer.

Be mine?

XO Lauren

P.S. Tell your darker twin that I thought she was also amazing.


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