Coco Noir, CBD

Coco Noir, CBD

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Today I caught up with one of my high school friends at a lovely cafe on Level 4 of Pitt St Mall. Coco Noir has become my go-to place for a wind down after a long day or just whenever I feel like indulging in their huge selection of cakes, macarons and baked goods. The Victorian-style couches are also very comfortable and classy to sit on, if that is important to you.

S had a chai latte which she enjoyed, while I went for the Vienna coffee accompanied by Β two macarons – strawberry lychee and lavender dark chocolate. Last time I had the salted caramel and it was amazing. Nothing will ever beat it! I chose lavender to expand my palate and I’m glad I did. While on the first bite it felt as if I were eating flowers, the flavour was more subtle after that.

My coffee was $4.50 and each macaron was $2.50 so I was quite pleased that I could hand over a tenner and still have change.

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