First impressions: Philosophy Hope in a Jar

Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar has been around for quite some time and I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon. For those who aren’t too familiar with HIAJ, it’s a cult moisturiser that is said to be Oprah’s favourite. This baby is the most expensive skincare product I’ve used and it wasn’t for my win in a competition, I would have never, ever bought it.


In Australia it retails for $45 (60ml) and is only available at David Jones.

First impression:

  • Cute matte jar!
  • This smells exactly like L’Oreal Castings hair dye.Β 
  • I proceeded to Google search “philosophy hope in a jar smell” because I thought mine was off – it was that bad. To my disappointment, it was supposed to smell like that.
  • It’s a real strong chemical scent which would be repulsive for most people.
  • I put on some of the moisturiser before bed and the smell lingers, but when I wake up 8 hours later, it’s gone.
  • My face feels so supple!
  • It definitely absorbs well into my skin. I had dry patches near my chin and nose and the morning after, they’re back to normal. Mind you, I used the tiniest bit of product!
  • It has a watery consistency, a bit like buttermilk. I was surprised with the results and didn’t expect sufficient moisturising from Hope in a Jar.
  • I need to remember to shake up the jar – when I first opened it, the liquid and cream separated entirely, as if it were yoghurt and whey.

That is all for first impressions. I’ve decided to give my Cetaphil face moisturiser a break and switch to Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar for the upcoming chilly seasons. I’ll endure the horrible scent just because I do think it makes a longlasting difference in the texture of my skin.

Have any of you tried this skincare product?

XO Lauren


6 thoughts on “First impressions: Philosophy Hope in a Jar

  1. I’m a HIAJ addict! Honestly, one of the best moisturizers out there but I do have to agree that the smell isn’t great! But the results make it worthwhile, and it’s my saving grace in the winter! It can be a bit heavy in warmer temps so I wouldn’t put this on at the beginning of the day but perfect for before bed.

    Great review, your insights were spot on!

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