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A bit more about me

My favourite fashion magazine always does a fill-in-the-blanks section with celebrities, models or designers and while I’m lightyears away from being famous, this should be fun to complete!

I’m a science student by day and online window shopaholic/blogger by night. Something you don’t know about me is that I wish I had the skills and opportunity to be a part time stylist or photographer. At the moment I’m reading my linguistics textbook, ‘An Introduction to Language’, listening to loads of Anberlin and the last meal I ate was pizza and waffles. Today I’m wearing a black and white ensemble, floral jacket with Topshop boots which I chose because it’s the easiest thing to put together, but I wish I was wearing a leather ponte skirt because then I’d be cute as a button. My bag is black with gold studs. My favourite gadget is my Apple arsenal but I’ll narrow it down to my MacBook Pro. My beauty essential is a setting spray from Mario Badescu because my makeup never lasts a day without it and the last gift I gave was a MAC Mineralize blush from the Apres Chic collection. When I need retail therapy, I go to the internet and I’m always inspired by positive risk-takers. I own way too many cheap clothes bought on an impulse but my next fashion purchase is definitely going to be a t-shirt dress that I can throw on with military boots and wear under fuzzy knits. 


XO Lauren


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