Friday night fun

While Lauren et Chiffon is not a ‘fashion blog’ per se, I dabble in a bit of outfit styling when inspiration strikes. I came across a tag on the WWW for fashion blogs which is still fun to do, so I hope you enjoy reading this!

1. Who’s your fashion role model?

Celebrity style doesn’t appeal to me as much as street style. The effortless aesthetics of urban fashion is so inspiring to me and I love how people can look amazing without splashing out on the latest collections. That said, I like how Nicole Richie dresses because she takes risks and mixes up thrifted finds with designer threads. She’s got a certain confidence to pull off absolutely anything, be it the boho look or something with a rocker chic vibe, it’s something us girls need more of!

nicolerichie nicole-richie

2. What do you always carry with you?

To classes, I always have my laptop, phone, water bottle, lip stain, pen, paper, blotting sheets…

3. How would you describe your style?

Unpretentious, balanced, comfortable.

On a good day, you won’t see me decked out in anything less than comfortable. That’s why I wear sneakers and boots frequently – they’re just the perfect shoes to stomp around in. I don’t accessorise much; I’ll only wear a watch, perhaps a simple cuff on my wrist because I’ve never been one to focus on jewellery. I can’t live without jeans, hence my humble collection of them in different colours and washes. My style philosophy is a bit like “less is more”; I just try to feel confident wearing as little as possible (N.B. I’m not pro-exhibitionist in public areas!). Basically, I don’t believe in hiding under my clothes unless it’s winter of course!


4. What’s your favourite: jeans, sunglasses or heels?

I should wear my sunnies more often, they’re freaking Gucci too. Back to the question… Β jeans definitely. I’m all for comfort!

5. What inspired you to blog about fashion?

Not aΒ fashion blog but I blog about it sometimes because I enjoy talking about clothes, as oddly shallow as it sounds. I could go on about my love for leather if someone gave me the chance! But I credit the internet for providing opportunities for like-minded people to share ideas about things they’re passionate about. I love getting outfit ideas from the blogs that I peruse and it’s all so much fun.

6. What is your favourite fashion store?

H&M and Mango for affordable and on trend pieces, ZARA for beautiful investment items. ZARA is also great for getting fashion inspiration which I can then take to less expensive places to begin my shopping rampage.

In Sydney, my only ventures are into Dotti, Sportsgirl and Glassons for clothes that I desperately need. Other then that, I do all my shopping online.

7. What is your favourite fabric in clothing?

I’m going to stick with something basic and say cotton. 97% of my closet is cotton based, the rest is rayon and chiffon. It’s breathable and nice to wear, what more do I need?

8. Who are your favourite designers?

I love Australian designs from Yeojin Bae, Willow, Zimmermann and Sass & Bide.

In the international arena, I’m fond of Elie Saab, Valentino and Rag & Bone.

9. Who or what inspires your style?

Magazines are always up to date on style advice, my favourite being Shop Til You Drop, so I look to them when I need to give my closet a refresh/detox! Also as I mentioned before, people who dress well who happen to walk by me on the street inspire my style as well.

10. Would you choose to buy a something high quality or make it yourself if you could?

If I had magic hands then I would definitely love to create something by myself!



XO Lauren


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