Tomodachi, Ultimo


Today I discovered a little gem in my neck of the woods, namely Tomodachi at Broadway Shopping Centre. I had never been there before since I’m far from being a North Shore kid and this mall in Ultimo originally sounded like an insignificant hole to me. Poor judgement on my behalf! I won’t go into detail about all the shops I visited and how I now have an alternative to the uni cafe for lunch so let’s get right into the review.

My friend and I arrived at Tomodachi about a quarter to noon and we were the among the first diners there. The waiters all shout “Irrashaimase!” as you walk through the front entrance.     ImageMy friend ordered: Una (eel) lunch box

I ordered: Teriyaki Chicken lunch box, lemon lime bitters

Both came with a complimentary miso soup.

I obviously can only comment on what I ate and overall, I found it was a pleasant experience.

Both lunch boxes consisted of the same sushi, salmon belly, salad and noodles. My teriyaki chicken tasted very good but there was nothing out of the ordinary here. The green salad came with a sweet and tangy sauce and I appreciated the contrast to the saltier elements of this set. Kudos to the chefs who decided to use a sauce other than thousand island or mayonnaise. I loved that the two sushi pieces were covered in sesame as it’s my favourite, but along with the salmon belly, it should have been served colder. With these particular dishes, the room temperature made them lose flavour and I thought that was a bit of a disappointment. However, I did like the variety of this lunch box and it was indeed very filling. For $14.80, it’s slightly overpriced but that’s Japanese food in Sydney for you. I would recommend this restaurant because it really wasn’t bad at all, but if you’re keen for a place that serves bento at better value, I’d definitely suggest Takeru at Market City.

Tomodachi on Urbanspoon

XO Lauren


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