Sizzling like a snare

A flush of colour on the apples of your cheeks and blended up gives you such a pretty look. Blush is a product that you can go for if you like a natural face, but you can definitely go as crazy as you want with it, depending on the occasion! As for the formulation, both cream and powder blushes can look natural so I don’t think either type seems more ‘natural’ than the other. To keep it safe, I always use a light hand and build up once or twice. That way, you avoid an awkward clown/cherubic face but I’m well aware that we can still make mistakes. In that case, I take a fluffy powder brush (currently Real Techniques) or any brush without excess blush on the head and start swirling it on my face. This is great for blending out all that powder blush. What about its creamy sister? I would use the same method but swirl my brush in pressed powder first before taking it to my cheeks. That extra product will reduce the ruddiness that may be present as well. If it gets too matte and powdery, a few spritzes ofย Mario Badescu Facial Spray does the trick.

What I’m blushing over:Image

Cream: Dixie

I see warm corals on pale and medium complexions.


Powder: Excite

An apricot shade for more intensity.

Do you have a favourite that you’d love to recommend? Comment below, I’m excited to know what everyone’s been obsessed with!

XO Lauren


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