Mero Mero, CBD

Mero Mero, CBD

I don’t usually grab lunch at the Galeries, but when I do, it’s almost definitely expensive. Today I was craving healthy food and after walking around the food court twice, I decided on having the lunch set. For $14, it consists of the salad of the day, panini, macaron and a drink. Considering that the price for a panini is $11 by itself, I thought I was getting quite a good deal at the Galeries.

The greek salad was just how I expect a salad to be – fresh and crisp. It was drizzled in balsamic and the feta was a nice touch.

However, I was more impressed with the Spicy Italian Chicken panini as it had an adequate ratio of chicken to bread and can we just dedicate a moment’s silence to the bread? It was awesome! The thick slices were very filling and tasted so good.

Pistachio macaron is in a dark green colour and tastes nutty, not quite pistachio but I personally don’t mind. I eat these desserts for their texture, unless it’s salted caramel… yes that has to be flavoured to absolute perfection.

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