First day at university

I set foot in Sydney University today for the first time and boy was it overwhelming! Not only were there people everywhere, like bees in a hive, but there were males. Yes, I should be so happy that finally, I’m exposed to the other sex but honestly, it was a different atmosphere. Having completed my high school education at an all-girls school, university was a great change.

As a ‘firstie’, I managed to find Eastern Avenue auditorium after frantically pacing up and down the avenue. I couldn’t believe the size of the theatre… it could seat around 600 students. Crammed inside, I was given a half hour introduction into my maths course before the professor jumped into vectors. I came across notations and terms such as ’tilde’ (~) and scalar quantities which is all new and quite exciting! I’d never imagined that I would be undertaking a maths course at university level. When the lecture came to an end, the girl seated next to me introduced herself but was long gone as I left the room. Unfortunately, I had to spend my next two hours of nothing all by myself.

The biology lecture next up was just an intro, and I dozed off a little. Psychology was really interesting because the lecturer made it interactive and incorporated humour. She’ll be teaching us about social psychology for this semester and I’m looking forward to it.

I found one of my friends at Psych and we left for the train station after our lecture. I should really buy a MyMulti pass if I want to avoid that massive queue for the tickets or at least buy a return ticket from Wynyard or Town Hall, which I forgot to do this morning!

XO Lauren


2 thoughts on “First day at university

  1. University is such a unique and interesting time of life…even through the ups and downs, you’ll probably grow up more during this period than any other (at least that’s how I feel about my experience). Enjoy every minute of it! ❀

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