Thoughts on Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream

I honestly don’t like the sound of Western “BB Creams” anymore because they’re merely tinted moisturisers with benefits. Some vitamins and minerals here and there don’t elevate them to the status of a ‘BB Cream’. I’ve tried Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Oil Free, Maybelline Dream Fresh, L’Oreal Nude Magique and Rimmel’s BB Cream – all of them have disappointed me. Fortunately, I tend to go without tinted moisturiser and opt for concealer whenever I go out, so BB cream isn’t necessary on a day-to-day basis. When I was sent Nivea’s Daily Essentials BB Cream in Light, I was eager to try it because the brand usually never fails me.

Image Image

  • Nivea BB Cream has a nice, light fragrance. Coverage is so sheer, when I blend the product out, it seems as if it’s not there. Basically it covers nothing. It does have a matte effect but with combination skin, I’d have to powder over it. 
  • As mentioned before, it has ultra sheer coverage.
  • I didn’t find that it illuminates [my] complexion, it’s more of a flat colour with no glowy effect on the skin.
  • The light texture allows it to absorb quickly.
  • Added SPF is nice but it’s not adequate for Australian consumers who live in a country with notorious sunshine.


  • Once I put this on my face, I noticed the brown/orange patch of colour it left. With my pale, Asian skintone it did not look good.
  • Highlights dry parts on my skin so you’d need to prime beforehand. Just check that it doesn’t oxidise crazily when worn with another product!


Final thoughts: Nivea, go sort this one out and make it awesome before you introduce it to the Aussie market.

Your thoughts?

How have people in the UK reacted to this product?

XO Lauren


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream

  1. I bought it today because I couldn’t find my Nivea Young Daycream (which I bought last year and finally ran out, sad day), and the ‘normal’ daycream of Nivea is too greasy. I wish I had read this review beforehand, but as I said, I didn’t expect not to find the day-cream I normally use. Next time I’ll just go through the hassle of ordering a real BB-cream online. t___t

    Color: I’m Caucasian (Belgian with hazel eyes, brown hair), so I got the ‘light’. You must know I’m not even THAT eye-straining white, just the average. Still, it was too dark for my skin, lucky not in an orange way. I think that if I had sunbathed a lot more, it would be the perfect color.. but I’m trying to help my skin, not destroy it. So girls from the south that aren’t tanned steak-brown: get the light, it’s dark enough.

    Texture: Very pleasant, although for greasier skin this might feel a bit too thick.

    Smell: Nivea, nothing overpowering, very pleasant.

    Protection: For me, 10 SPF seems enough for on a cloudy day (which most days are in Belgium, hoorey). But in general, I’m of the opinion that any cream should have at least SPF 15 to actually make a difference.

    Coverage: It made me brown, that’s it. Any blemishes, light scars,… it didn’t cover. As far as pores go, I’d say they look the same size with or without.

    Longevity: It’s alright… but it won’t keep my skin non-greasy all day. Then again, I’m in the aftermath of puberty: after washing with just lukewarm water my face feels dry and tight, but somewhere in the afternoon everything is greasy again. This cream didn’t quicken the process, and eliminated the tight feeling I have in the morning, like any cream should do, no world-shocking news here.

    Finish: Matte. I don’t have that dull a complexion to begin with, but it could use some healthy glow, which this cream doesn’t provide.

    Sadly, this was a waste of money since the color isn’t right, it offers almost no coverage, no glow,… And for people in their teens, this probably is too thick. I’ll still try to find another daycream and maybe mix some of this one in it on my hand before applying…

    1. Thanks for your input, Sara! If you’re after another BB cream, one I’ve liked is the Revlon PhotoReady BB in their lightest shade – it doesn’t make you turn brown like many that are currently on the market!


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