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First and foremost, I was on a mission to find a job, as all post-HSC students do. But I also had to buy a birthday present for my friend’s 18th and a top I’m planning to wear to her party.   Image

Treating myself with a chilli chocolate cupcake and flat white from the Cupcake Bakery after finishing my job search. Image

Walking around at David Jones’ gourmet food section… $20 nougat in a tin.


$100 a kilo chocolatesImageImage

A little splurge at T2 and getting some samples of their Ruby Red Rosehip tissane. While I was there, someone knocked over an expensive teacup… if that I was me I’d feel so bad!Image

Got a new concealer because my Fit Me! one is finished up and this one was on sale! (cheering) I’m recolouring my hair tomorrow so hopefully it turns out how I want it to.ImageFinally, the present I got for my friend!

While I was at Factorie, I found a cute top which was also on sale (you’ve probably gathered how much I love sales). That’s a surprise so come back on Wednesday night if you want to see my party appropriate outfit.

XO Lauren


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